A call to help in this project 'Water - a chance for peace'

For the past years Mr. Henry Tidy been working on a film project ‘Water – a chance for peace’. The project is original: He will cycle across the Middle East, with the aim of exploring the link between water, conflict and climate change. The film will above all be used in high schools to help kids better understand the importance of limiting climate change. In the Middle East the impacts of climate change and its menaces are easier to show, that is why I have chosen this region as an example – I had already spend nearly two years there working on these issues. The bike will be the vehicle for the journey and will enable an easier contact with the people He’ll meet. Henry will be filmed by a team of 3 students and the film will be ready for schools in the Autumn.

In order to finance this project, Henry has created an online fund so people can support this initiative. Please visit the site and don’t hesitate to donate – its for a good cause and every penny will be well spent, promised

Here is the website : click the British flag (top right) for English version.


Thanks and we will keep you posted