Call for author “TOTEM: Training for Trainer in EuroMed: skills and competencies for training in EuroMed”

Call for author “TOTEM: Training for Trainer in EuroMed: skills and competencies for training in EuroMed”

Salto EuroMed is looking for an author for writing a educational report about the training experience of TOTEM (Training for trainer in EuroMed”.

TOTEM is a long term training course started in October 2011 and will end in October 2013.

The author should be able to identify the main learning process of TOTEM (1st meeting, coaching phase and 2ndmeeting) in cooperation with the trainers’ team.

The publication should include:

1) Introduction of geopolitical framework of TOTEM (EuroMediterranean cooperation, 2 Programme Funds, cultural background….);

2) Overview about the TOTEM’s contents since the 1st meeting (the main learning points, the highlighs session, and coaching process);

3) The learning experience, skills and competences developped during LTTC seen by trainer’s team and participants;

4) Focus on attitudes, skills and competencies specifique for trainers active in EuroMed framework

The objectives will be:

·To reflect on participants’ learning experience;

·To identify knowledge and skills for an active trainer in EuroMed;

·To identify the critical issues of the participants’ common learning process;

·To reflect on the influence of the geopolitical situation in the LTTC;

·To raise awareness on the geopolitical situation within the programmes frameworks;

·To reflect about participants’ future contribution as trainer in that framework.

The author should be able to take part in the 2ndmeeting of TOTEM in Adrasan (Turkey) from 09/10/2012 to 20/10/2012.

Deadline for application: 30 April 2012.

Selection results: 22 Mai 2012

Application online

The selected author should send to SALTO EUROMED a draft working paper (based on further discussions with the coordinator and team) by 30 June 2012 .

The selection will be based on previuse experience in reporting training and pedagogical report within Youth in Action and other European Programmes. The author should be able to write in English, working in team and be creative in writing and summarise learning experience.

The 1st Draft should be submitted by 30 November 2012.

The final document should be submitted by 31 Jannuary 2013.