URGENT Call for NGO PARTNERS from (Albenia, Bosnia Herzegovina, France, Spain, Serbia, Greece )

The type of project: Action 3.1
Name of the project: DON’T WATCH JOIN US

Project Summary: Mediterranean Games for the first time, was held in Egypt Alexandria between 5-12th of October in 1951, and Turkey has participated in all of the games. Moreover, in the Mediterranean Games which was held in 1971 for the 6th time, İzmir was the hosting city. For the games which will be held in 2013, Mersin left behind the cities in Spain, Tarragona and Libya, Tripoli and will be the hosting city.
Mediterranean Games are the sport games that is held every for years between the countries (Andorra, Albenia, Bosnia Herzegovina,Algeria, Morocco, France, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Montenegro, Cyprus, Libya, Lebanon, Macedonia, Malta, Egypt, Monaco, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Greece ) which has a coastline to the Mediterranean Sea. Athleticism, basketball, boxing, gymnastics, football, wrestling, fencing, water polo and swimming are the indespensable sport fields which have been a part of in all Mediterranean Games. With these sport field competitions, the aim is to make the countries closer socially and culturally.
With this project we want the participant countries to improve the motivation of the sportmen of their countries which take part in Mediterranean Games, to provide the cultural interaction between the countries with the international effects of the sports by attending to the workshops which are organized by the Mediterrenian Olympic Games Commitee and to contribute to the fair-play spirit of the games.

The date of the project: Between 10.06.2013/20.06.2013

4 participants (age:18-25) + 1 group leader (total 5 people) per partner
If you are interested in taking part of the project please send us.
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2. to Send Filled, Signed, Stamped and Scanned Preliminary agreement of the partner from attachment, to:

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