Call for participants: My Library in Young European People’s World, Romania

1-10 May 2012, Targu Jiu , Romania

Description:The project “My Library in Young European People’s World” aims at awakening Romanian young people’s awareness regarding the part the Library plays in their lives and at reducing their disbelief in this public institution. 30 young people, age 18 to 25 from 5 European countries, will share the experience they have with their libraries and the outcome will be a change in perception towards .Library and towards their interaction with people of their age. They will discover together that the Library is that particular place where friends are made, ideas and feelings are shared, where everyone can find his place. All these things gain a new dimension due to the intercultural character of the project.
The participants will be given an opportunity to become acquainted with other cultures and be aware of the cultural diversity in Europe, while improving their linguistic abilities at the same time. A variety of non-formal educational tools as workshops, role plays, trips, simulations, competitions, seminars, information and promotion campaign will be used and will ensure the success of the project.

OTThe objectives will be :
1.To share experience of 30 young people (aged 18-25 years, from five European countries, over a period of 10 days) in relation to the library.
2.To be aware of the important role of the library for European youngsters between 13-25 years old in 10 days
3.Reducing distrust towards the public library of 100 young people aged 13-25 years, members of the community, for a period of 6 months
4. To develop intercultural and european dimension between young europeans .

10 days (excluding arrival and departure)

6 participants per organization
a total of 30 participants

Potential Partner Countries:
EU Countries plus EU, Turkey, Norway, Lichtenstein and Eastern European

As the project seeks funding by the Youth in Action Programme accommodation and food will be provided by the organizers. Travel costs to the venue and back will be covered 70%.

Contact Person: Lacatusu Diana-Gabriela
Phone: +40.728.256.460

Please send part III, scan and then original to :
Lacatusu Diana-Gabriela
Nicolae Bălcescu street, building 1E , flat 2
Postal code 210160, Gorj County , Târgu-Jiu
Contact persons : Lacatusu Diana-Gabriela –, +40.728.256.460
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