Call for partners: association union jeunesse euromed - Algeria

Call for partners: association union jeunesse euromed – Algeria

The association “Union Euromed Youth ” Akbou of Algeria, isinterested to participate in the Youth in Action programm through sharing and exchanging of experiences with other people including those with a different culture.

Association “Union Euromed Youth” are several groups of young people who are specializing in ecology, drama, music, Euromed Youth Union, is an association of Algerian law, which aims to citizenship and democracy. The association networks with a number of associations in order to organize various events. It focuses mainly on giving support to young people by supplying the information necessary in order to satisfy their aspirations and also by giving technical administrative support to help the completion of their projects.

The actions of the association can be summarized in four main areas:

1) Cultural, artistic and leisure activities: Development, organization and participation in several cultural activities (festivals, exhibitions, concerts, theater, …) Organization of multiple editions of two festivals, one musical (The Music Festival of Soummam ) and the other theater (Theatre Festival of expression Amazigh).
2) Health education: information, awareness for, by demystifying the basic knowledge of various health problems (taboos, prejudices ..) posed by AIDS, drug abuse, STIs and promotion of birth spacing ( EN).
3) Environmental Education: To promote eco-citizenship of young people in schools: Conservation and development of natural heritage, youth involvement in environmental protection, leadership training clubs ecology.
4) Training, for inserting and youth exchange: Setting up the inclusion of young people through vocational training, learning and enterprise.

Host organization and sending young people as part of national and international exchanges.

For further information contact:

Mr. Regards Ahmed

Union association president jeunsse Akbou Euromed Algeria
00 2 13 77 2 14 37 45
00 213 6 61 80 63 47