Call for partners: Euro-Med Youth Program IV - ENPI South Region

Waseela for training and development a youth based NGO will present a new Youth in Action project for the 1st of November deadline 2011. They would like to invite you to be a partner In their esteemed project .

Type of the project
Youth Exchange: Sharing The Shaping
Project themes
– Participation of young people in development of civil society
Project summary
A lot of factors surround the shaping of youth in our countries. If we could observe these factors and look at their corresponding results, we can come out with what make us (the youth) who we are. Some of these factors contribute in our level of commitment and participation to our society. Magnifying and applying these findings on a group of youth, would it create the ultimate youth power.
The project aims at developing a wide understanding of the conception of youth development, focusing on the different conditions that can produce active youth, in different fields. By sharing the participants experience in their own countries, we can analyze these conditions and brainstorm on their cons and pros. And as a result we can examine how using the most suitable conditions on a group of youth can produce an active responsible young public that can be the moving force for their nations.
There is a direct relation between youth development and participation of young people in the development of civil society. You have to develop them first in order for them to take the leading positions later and developing their countries.
Through Sharing personal experience on the conditions that shaped our characters from the socio political perspective and various understandings of youth empowerment polices, we can come up with a list of recommendations on the conditions we would like to have in order to develop appropriately and help our countries.
Partners are requested to develop an obligatory research on the process of youth development in their country and collecting some data about youth in their society.
We will Start using this data as a reference in the youth exchange to discuss in groups what are the effects of the existing conditions and what the results are if it was applied in different environment. Also having some statistics about youth participation in civil society (e.g volunteering, engagement in decision making, active participation in socio political systems) would be an indicator for the effect of the existing conditions in this country.
There are no real constraints facing the implementation idea since the topic is commonly shared by youth all over the world especially with uprises of lots of opposition movements no more led by political parties but by the youth groups.
Duration and venue
8 working days – September 2012
Sinai & Cairo
Target Group
Group of youth between 18-30 years old, preferable with any past work experience in the field of youth Development.
Financial conditions
Participants in the Youth exchange have to contribute with the 30% of the travel expenses, the 70% is covered by the project. Visa cost, accommodation and food are covered 100% for the entire duration of the exchange.
Partner’s role and participants will consist of:
•PREPARATION: identification of the participants (4 by partner + Group Leader) and to support them in the research activities and preparation of the trip (flight, visa, etc.);
•IMPLEMENTATION: participants have to Actively participate in all the proposed activities of the program;
•FOLLOW UP: all the partners and participants will develop some activities of follow up and visibility of the project results.
To become a partner
Send email to the or
Partner Agreement fully filled in (not signed)
– The preliminary agreement signed in PDF format by email and original by post.
Deadline to send the part A and the preliminary agreement: 25 October 2011
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
(Please contact Amr Arafa or Aly Hamdy So for any further reccomendations).
Amr Arafa ( 002- 0111 060 76 77
Aly Hamdy ( 002- 0122 792 87 98