Call for Partners: Euromed Action 3. Let's Do It Together. Egypt.


Project title: Let’s Do It Together

Organization: Development No Borders DNB (Egypt)

Place: Cairo, Egypt

Number of participants: 1 Per Organization

Countries admitted: All Euromed countries

Project type: EuroMed IV – Action 3 – Partnership Building Activity PBA
The project Date: December 2011
Duration: 5 days


Summary of the project:

The 5 days PBA will gather 15 Euromed NGO in Cairo, Egypt from 15 different countries around Euromed to discus the different methodologies of NGOs in dealing with youth problems : unemployment , economic problems, political participation, Immigration ….etc. . A booklet will be produced includes 20 best practices and success stories and details of 200 NGO around Euromed Region.

Partner Responsibly

1- Let’s Survey It Together (Stage I)

each Partner will be responsible of collecting a survey from 10 NGOs from his country includes : their methodologies , the problems that they are facing in dealing with youth problems , their best practices and success projects dealing with youth and details and contacts of those 10 NGO’s

2- Let’s Meet Together (Stage II) Cairo

*the representatives will present their surveys

*work all together in designing the booklet

*work to develop 2 future projects

3- Let’s Spread It Together Around Euromed (Stage III)

*Publishing the booklet and the E-booklet to the local NGO’s in all the partner countries

*each partner will be a hub of the NGOs in his country so he can facilitate the networking of his 10 NGOs and the rest of the 190 other NGOs in the

*Organizing the 2 future follow up projects

Financial aspects:

Participants will be reimbursed for 100% Visa Cost and 70% of the travel cost on display of their boarding passes. Reimbursement of travel costs will only be done upon full attendance in the activity and presentation of the original tickets with boarding passes and receipt/invoices.
Food and accommodation are 100% Covered

Participation Fees:

30€ per participant will be discounted from the travel reimbursement to cover project expenses.

How to participate?

1- Send us some suggestions about the activities you consider useful that we can add to any Stage of the Project.

2- If your organization has a previous experience in intercultural activities ( is it youth in Action program or EuroMed Program ) , please mention the project number

3- Fill in the attached Part III Let’s_Do_it_Together_Part III and send a scanned version with your Organization name, signature and stamp to in One Page

4- Send the original part III by post to this address:

YDC Training Center

¼ Anwar El Mofty St,

Nasr City, Cairo


Deadline to Receive Original Part III by Email: 1 June 2011

Deadline to Receive Original Part III by Post: 10 June 2011

For any additional information you may need, don´t hesitate to send an email to

Ayman Elshamy

International Relations Committee

Development No Borders

Cairo, Egypt

Tel: +2-0106752319