Call for partners: ‘It’s about ability’ Training course – Belgrade, Serbia



Center for Society Orientation


is issuing a


for a Training Course, proposed under Action 3.1 of the Youth in Action Programme

It’s about ability!

From 7 to 14 October 2012, Bečej, Serbia

Training Course about human rights and social inclusion of youth with disabilities through interactive learning and workshops

Host organisation:

Center for Society Orientation (COD), Belgrade, Serbia has mandate to work on and promote capacity building of local actors in Republic of Serbia and Southeast Europe during transition period were all vulnerable groups could enjoy their Human Rights, Equal Opportunities and Freedoms.

COD team members have come from different backgrounds but majority has been dealing with improvement of public knowledge and understanding of vulnerable groups with the focus on diminishing the discrimination and prejudice in the South East Europe region. COD is working with persons with disabilities – PWD’s and DPO’s and parents associations, people living with HIV – PLHIV and PLHIV Associations and service providers for disabled and PLHIV community.

Through joint work with our partner organizations, we are working on awareness raising of local communities and in parallel lobbying towards local, regional and national governments for social inclusion of all persons with disabilities, including children and youth with disabilities.


Radoš Keravica – Regional Coordinator for Eastern Europe (Disability Rights Promotion International

Nebojsa Nick Djeric – experienced Salto trainer (

About the Project

The main theme of the Training Course “It’s about ability “ is the use of creative non-formal learning and interactive workshops in combatting dicrimination and social exclusion of persons with disabilities, and promoting solidarity and equality of all people (including promotion of human rights of persons with disabilities and breaking prejudices towards this marginalized social group), but also promoting abilities and achievements of youth with disabilities.

The main goal of our training course is to offer the participants an opportunity to get actively involved in fighting discrimination and social exclusion of persons with disabilities, through joint work and learning of youth with disabilites and other participants – their peers. During the course, using non-formal ways of learning, participants will create a product – table game by creating imaginary game characters and obstacles and challenges for social inclusion for each of the actors (which is the final goal of the game) , in order to become familiar with the barriers in society for social inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities. The product – table game – will be distributed after the training course in all participating countries, therefore spreading out that important message. Also the participants will be met with basic principles of human rights and key factors for successful inclusion of persons with disabilities as well as with human rights based approach to disability.

Activities on our training course:

Global picture of people with disabilities and disability rights

Differnt types of disability and community based services

Social inclusion and barriers in social environment (creating a table game with characters);

Support of the community as a way for enhancing social inclusion (interactive workshop with movie projections and discussions)

Wall of human rights (creative workshop and brainstorming)

Accessibility – with focus on electronic media and using of blog to achieve social change holding round tables and discussions every day on topics related to the fight against discrimination and exclusion: acessibility, barriers in social environment, using the assistive technologies, social services for persons with disabilities, support of the local community, non-discrimination and equality of all people as the basis of democratic societies, social inclusion and the empowerment of youth with disabilities.

All these activities have the aim to promote solidarity, cooperation, and creativity in youth work and in fighting discrimination and social exclusion.

Target group for our training course:

Primarily youth with disabilities and activists, but also all people who wish to be actively involved in working with youth with disabilities and youth in general (youth workers, youth leaders, NGO activists). The participants should be interested in disability rights and equality, in fighting discrimination and social exclusion. They should also be interested in blog writing and in exploring how to use it as a method in their youth work and social activism.

The main objectives of the project:

-To promote anti-discrimination on every level, particularly on the basis of disability.

-To promote tolerance, equality and solidarity among different cultures, nationalities, ethnic backgrounds.

-To promote young people’s active participation in society, and especially to empower youth with disabilities to take an active role in their communities in fighting discrimination.

-To promote abilities and achievements of persons with disabilities and to breake prejudices towards this population.

-To increase knowledge of forms of discrimination, acessibility of social environment and possible ways to achieve social inclusion of persons with disabilities.

Working language:
English – all participants must be able to actively communicate using English language

Period of realization: From 7 to 14 October 2012 (excluding travel days).

Location: Bečej, Serbia


All interested organisations from Program countries and Neighboring Partner countries.


100% for accommodation and food will be covered and 70% of travel cost will be reimbursed after receiving original receipts.

If you are interested to become partner organization in this project please send a: Filled, Signed, Stamped and Scanned preliminary agreement + filled partnership identification, by e – mail on:

Please: Since they are applying on 1st February deadline, be as fast as possible in sending the documents and do not forget to send them approximately your travel costs from your home town to Bečej – Serbia.

Deadline for receiving partnership agreements is 25th of January 2012.

For further Information, please contact:

Radoš Keravica – Project Manager
tel: +381-69-250-3552