Call for partners- "Tastes like European Culture" - Ramnici Sarat, Romania

Call for partners-Youth exchange under Action 1.1 of the Youth in Action Programme
“Tastes like European Culture”
26 July-4 August 2013
Ramnicu Sarat, Romania

If you enjoy discovering new cultures and “savoring” them by all means, including traditional dishes, if you wonder why your country shares some many common foods and nurture traditions with others or if you plan to understand cultural diversity so that you manage to open an international restaurant, we invite you to apply for the youth exchange “Tastes like European Culture”. This project aims to promote European culinary traditions as an element to facilitate intercultural dialogue in order to cherish and perpetuate diversity in the European region

Title: Tastes like European Culture”

Dates: 26 July-4 August 2013 main exchange

APV dates: 12-14 July 2013

Venue: Ramnicu Sarat, Romania

Target group: youngsters legally resident in programme countries, curious, open to discover new cultures and willing to share their own culture through traditional foods, nurture habits and by using non-formal education methods

Participants: 5 participants aged 16-23 years old + 1 leader (no age limit) per group

Number of promoters: 4-5 organizations (one organization per country)

Target countries: EU Programme countries + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland

Coordinating and hosting NGO: F.O.R.T.E.S. Federatia Organizatiilor Ramnicene de Tineret Educatie si Sport , Ramnicu Sarat, Romania (

– increasing the degree of information of the youngsters about traditional kitchen of each participant country
– increasing the awareness of youngsters on cultural diversity by going to grassroots and defining culture as a complex, long lasting and continuous process
– developing intercultural dialogue between the young participants
– developing the spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship of the 36 youngsters in the food industry
– stimulating mobility in Europe in order to decrease unemployment rate amongst young people and to support the integration of youth on the labour market

– Discussions, debates, open space activities on traditions, culture definition and perceptions, the part of food in culture
– Practical workshops on coocking and on eating habbits
– Creative and interactive presentations
– Non-formal education activities and games, intercultural team work and peer learning
– Learning more about YIA Programme
– Intercultural activities and interaction with the locals
– Preparation and visibility actions in each partner local community by sharing information materials on the project and some delights from our countries and from other countries involved in the project, randomly chosen (we either purchase or coock some light snaks or sweets and share them in our towns to promote „bites” of intercultural dialogue)

If you are interested in the project topic and goal, please send the PART III Tastes like European Culture TEC in word version, dully filled, (no stamp or signature required for this form) to before 27th January 2013. It is rather urgent, as we intend to apply for the 1st of February deadline.

Due to the tight deadline we will answer only applications coming from target countries (EU Programme countries + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland )

For any further communication, please use the following contact: Daniela Strimbei,