Call for partners: Turkish Impressions in Europe.

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PROJECT NAME: Turkish Impressions in Europe

Youth in Action 1.2 TRANSNATIONAL Project

Project Team: GRUP TUNA

THEME: This project aims is creating the youth consciousness about their own history, own culture or a little attention related with own social values. Being aware with history and culture or being able to describe to anyone in a necessity, have to be a big goal by the youth. At the same time creating awerness about another cultures.


We, as Turks, have always been in interaction with European countries since 450s. We and Europeans have always interacted with each other particularly on such issues as food&beverage, clothing and daily language. Coffee, ayran (drink made out of yoghurt and water), various meat dishes, baklava (sweet pastry with nuts) and croissant were first introduced to Europe by Turks. Today, there are thousands of works of art about Turkish people in the museums of Europe. They built many artifacts. Some of them still exist in Europe despite the killing effects of the years passed.

Our purpose is to sight the masterpieces created by our ancestors, analyze them and create awareness among the local community in Europe.


Our project is only one-way project. Only our project team will come to YOUR COUNYTRY. The buildings (made by Turks) and the masterpieces (made by Turks) in the museums will be analyzed together ( our project team and your participants ) in YOUR COUNYTRY in the framework of intercultural communication.

The costs of travel, accommodation and food of Turkish Project Team will cover by themselves.

On the other hand, we would like to get information about YOUR COUNYTRY’s history and culture from YOUR ORGANİSATION when we come YOUR COUNYTRY


ACTIVITIES: City Tour, the masterpieces by Turks, visiting the museums and analyzing the artifacts of Turks in the museums in YOUR COUNYTRY, cultural nights ( TURKİSH and YOUR COUNYTRY ).

We would like you to accompany us visiting some places about Turks. Also, we would like to visit your museums and do some social activities.

If you are interested please write to Semra on