Call for partners: Youth Service Station, training hub, an ergetic channel of communication from youth to youth - Turkey

Six years ago a group of dedicated persons shared a dream, to create a youth service station, a training hub, an energetic channel of communication from youth to youth…

With limited resources, humble experience, restricted financials …. A youth based nongovernmental organization was born in 2005 registered in the ministry of social solidarity under name of (Waseela for training and development).

Baby Waseela grew up step by step relying on the devotion of its founders, achieving not so much but able surely to create a difference in many, from few training sessions to some Euro Mediterranean youth partnerships to some charity activities.

However due to financial and administrative restrictions, the group was forced to freeze activities tillfurther notice, when it was found that resources, time and energy can’t be allocated in the best favor of the NGO

Since early 2010, Mohamed Kadry and Ahmed Fouad were working on slowly and smoothly on the revival of Wasela to be re born again in a new format, surrounded by experience, networks and a better experiences, events and activities in different location and with contirubtion of many NGOs …and here they are after one and half years form working hard, devoting their energy, time and efforts …they are Back…in time …they do find it the best for them to assist the civil efforts in building back their Country

They are now located in Agouza in small humble premises. They are not sure if it would be spacious to host all physically but they are certain it will be wide enough to host their ideas and the great work waiting for them.

Within the next few weeks they will be back officially after finishing some routine administrative work with the ministry.

However a team of 2 can never be enough to turn the wheel of production …so they are looking forward to build quickly a real team working with them closely to widen their programs and activities, fundraise, advocate and market ourselves in the field.

You are welcome to join forces ….

Contact person Ahmed Fouad: