Call to devise a “new pedagocical tool”

Call to devise a “new pedagocical tool”

In view of the EMYP’s 10th anniversary promoting networking and capacity building, during 2013, the EMPYP would like to develop a new pedagogical tool meant to measure the quality of youth work initiatives/projects held within the region. This tool is envisaged to contribute to the capacity building of youth organisations.

Aims of the tool

• Enhance youth participation;
• Promote good practice;
• Establish common quality standards in the region;

Description of the tool

The EMPY intends to devise creative a pedagogical tool that will help youth organisations and youth service providers in the region to support, develop and assess their youth work practices and provision with the aim of further enhancing the participation, cultural learning and entrepreneurial spirit of young people and their acquisition of transversal skills that can be used in everyday life. The pedagogical tool will also promote good practice, exchange of information and help articulate a common language of youth work practice with the ultimate aim of establishing common quality standards in the region.

Fee: € 2000 + VAT


Deadline to apply and present proposal: 4 October 2013

Deadline to present tool: 15 November 2013

For further information contact:

Mr. Kevin Apap on email: