Democracy and young people

Published 08/02/2011 in Blog
How can we work together to stimulate political participation among young people?

3 Comments about “Democracy and young people”
On 08/02/2011 at 14:31, Myriam said:
We need to give the yourh a good political education so that they become aware about what is going on in their country and in their government’s political system.
On 08/02/2011 at 20:50, Shadi Zatara said:
well, it’s the most important matter for youth and the future of the whole world, but current political leaders dont work on developing youth in such field or even to provide them with chances to be involved. But, recently, I’ve seen some international meetings and trainings that focus on this issue, which made me surprised and excited, and also here as a euromed platform is asking about this thing, which is also good sign.

we should focus on the capacity of youth that it can changes a lot to the better situation, for instance, look to Egypt these days, it’s a change by youth on high political level, so youth can do it, but just we need to provide them with tools, opportunities to express, expertize, try, and then surprise us.
On 02/03/2011 at 22:56, Neville Bezzina said:
EU funded initiatives such as JCI’s “Political D.A.Y.S” project are a good way to start; and the political parties need to invest in teaching non partiscan politics to the younger generations to cultivate a culture of engagement; a long-term investment, as it were