Euro-Med Youth programme IV – CAIRO, EGYPT ENPI south region- Call for proposals number 12011.

Project summary

MEDIA since its inception is acting as a tool of promoting democracy and exposing the wrongs within government bodies. Most people agree that media is powerful in promoting healthy democratic rights of people. Others praise media saying that without it the society would not have developed the way it has now. Media gives people news, education, entertainment, analysis and it also informs the society.

The project aims at developing a wide understanding and exchanges a better conception of the role of Social Media in Community change, focusing on the different practices of youth activitists in different fields through internet and reflects on the feedback of their governments toward their needs and demands.

There is a direct relation between the idea the project was built on and the participation of young people in the development of civil society and democracy shifting their primary community engagement to a highly political participation.

Through sharing experiences and various understandings of youth on how we do perceive social media and its role in community development, opportunities to meet different stakeholders and youth based political movement who played major roles in 25th of JAN revolution, the participants will be developing together a solid understanding on the issue , creating a common frame work of their existence as active citizens in their societies, knowing how to use social media positively and peacefully in demonstrating their needs and demands and promoting their youth activities and missions of their institutions.

Partners are the founders of the idea where they are requested with the applicant to build up their plans for social media campaign and IMC (Integrated marketing campaigns) expansion, to be discussed with their youth in their organization and hence, start using those plans as a reference in the youth exchange since during the event duration, the participants will be divided into groups each in charge of one of the social media channels commonly used such as face book groups and pages, twitter accounts , blogs , website forum and platform.

There are no real constraints facing the idea implementation since the topic is commonly shared by youth all over the region, and had been into daily life excessively starting the Tunisian revolution and its utility is understood by the majority of the youth.

The real impact certainly is going beyond the walls of event premises through the media coverage and marketing materials that will be produced during the event will play an important role in creating a communal advocacy and societal support to motivate youth to be an active players in assisting the decision making process in their societies

Duration & venue

8 working days – March 2011


Profile of participants


youth workers

peer educators

youth trainers

youth leaders

Financial conditions

Participants in the Youth exchange have to contribute with the 30% of the travel expenses, the 70% is covered by the project. Visa cost, accommodation and food are covered 100% for the entire duration of the course.

Partners and participants
Partner-countries from member states of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Norway, Croatia and Turkey, and Mediterranean countries: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestinian Authority of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Syria and Tunisia.

Partner’s and participants role will consist of:

– PREPARATION: identification of the participants (4 by partner + Group Leader) and support to them in the research activities and preparation of the trip (flight, visa, etc.);

– IMPLEMENTATION: participants have to actively participate in all the proposed activities of the programme;

– FOLLOW UP: all the partners and participants will develop some activities of follow up and visibility of the project results.

To become a partner
Send to the email

– the WASELA PROJECT fully filled in (not signed)

– the preliminary agreement signed, in PDF format by email and original by post.

Deadline to send the part A and the preliminary agreement: ASAP (please contact Ahmed Fouad also for any doubt regarding the proposal).