You are invited to the International Autumn Camp “IAC” in Hebron, Palestine.

IAC is a cultural immersion program for internationals, taking place this fall. As a student and cultural ambassador in Palestine, you will have the opportunity to experience Palestinian daily life and familiarize yourself with the area’s rich history. The program will provide participants with an entertaining, enriching, and dynamic stay.

Visitors will have an authentic view of the West Bank, led by Palestinian guides. The camp includes speakers from a variety of backgrounds, including education, intercultural communications, and Palestinian studies. You will see firsthand the many traditions, cultures, foods, and people of this vibrant land.

Come experience Palestine from an insider’s view!

IAC’s Goal

Excellence Center aims to achieve a diverse cultural exchange and social dialogue at IAC by hosting people from around the world. Such diverse perspectives will enrich the camp, the center, and you will see true Palestinian life and be able to get new points of view. Positive and enriching

IAC’s Program

IAC provides the opportunity for internationals to:

Live in Hebron, including trips to the Old City, holy sites, and local refugee camps
Learn spoken Arabic from native speakers and be able to communicate with locals
Travel to historical locations and nearby cities including Jerusalem, Jericho, Ramallah, Nablus, and Bethlehem
Spend time and live with a Palestinian host family, if desired
Visit Palestinian universities, local institutions, and organizations specializing in culture and education
Eat local Palestinian foods and desserts
Attend cultural nights featuring entertainment, activities, and sport
Listen to distinguished lecturers discussing Palestinian heritage and history
Eligibility for IAC

English speakers between the ages of 18 and 35 are eligible to participate in IAC.

Apply for IAC

To apply, please read the enclosed information and submit a completed application by August 15, 2011

IAC’s Dates

Excellence Center will host the 2011 International Autumn Camp in Hebron from September 15ththrough September 25th.

Selection Date

Selection processes will last until the 20th of August; we will confirm your participation via email until this date

Associated fees

IAC fees amount to 900$. Accommodations, food, and travelling during the week are included and will be arranged for the guests.


Participants have the option of staying with a host family or in a rented apartment. Living arrangements for trips around the West Bank are scheduled by Excellence Center.


A tourist visa lasting 90 days will be granted to you upon your arrival in Israel. There is no need to obtain a visa ahead of time.

Traveling to and from Hebron

The West Bank is accessible by border crossings from Israel and Jordan.

From Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, take a shared taxi to Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, and then a bus to Bethlehem. A representative of Excellence Center will be waiting to escort you to Hebron. Participants have the option of extending their stay in the area to include traveling to other countries either before or after IAC.


Excellence Center is looking for 20 dynamic individuals to host at the 2011 International Autumn Camp in Hebron, Palestine. The camp will provide a forum for cultural exchange and immersion. We aim to achieve social discourse and understanding, while giving participants an authentic experience of the West Bank