Mediterranean Journalist Award

The Mediterranean Journalist Award is an international competition based on issues of cultural diversity. It is open to journalist who are nationals of the 43 countries of the Union for the Mediterranean and it is organised by the Anna Lindh Foundation in cooperation with the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and COPEAM .

The competition is aimed to promote and encourage journalism that effectively contributes to the ongoing dialogue between cultures and to recognise the positive role played by journalists in reporting on issues of cultural diversity. It provides the participants the opportunity to have international recognition and to receive a cash prize for their journalistic works.

How to apply:
Participants must submit a journalistic item that appeared in the media between 1 July 2009 and 10 July 2010 and related to one of the five following categories:

Award for print: written articles published in a publication, newspaper or magazine;
Award for television: television magazines presented or produced by journalists;
Award for radio: radio magazines produced by journalists;
Award for online media: online media articles and works published by journalists;
Award for cultural heritage: a special award in recognition of recognize written journalistic stories that reflect the value of cultural heritage within the Euro-Mediterranean Region.
Winning articles will be selected on the basis of the professional quality and journalistic standard applied in research and writing, the originality of the contribution and the capacity of the writer to take on other perspectives and to inspire readers.

The jury will consist of international media experts and leading intellectuals in the field of cultural diversity and Mediterranean cooperation.
The winners will receive a trophy and an award of EUR 5000 each.
The winners will also be involved in a high profile reporting tour within the Mediterranean region on the issue related to cultural diversity.
The prize-winning articles will be edited in a printed publication and disseminated to the Foundation’s region-wide network of over 2000 civil society organisations and also published on partner websites.

Deadline: was 10 July 2010

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