New Tool: Images in Action – change people’s perception of inclusion groups

A new tool has been published in SALTO’s Toolbox.
Date: 2012-05-12
Title: Images in Action – change people’s perception of inclusion groups
Tool types: Background Text, Manual
Tool topics: Anti-Racism, Disability, Gender issues, Social Inclusion
Aims of the tool
Learn to build a positive image for the youngsters with fewer oppurtunities by using (international) youth projects. A booklet full of tips on campaigning and marketing.

Description of the tool

Unfortunately, quite a lot of people actually have the prejudices about inclusion groups. This takes away the opportunities of the young people without even giving them a chance. The inclusion groups that youth workers deal with in their organisations often don’t have a good

SALTO Inclusion hopes this booklet inspires youth workers accross Europe to create greater acceptance of people who are different, to build a better image for them amongst the general public. Combating these negative images is part of youth and inclusion work.

This booklet aims to give youth workers practical tools and tips to improve the image of their target group. This way, they create greater acceptance of the young people in question, which will contribute to their
inclusion in society. At the same time, the young people’s self-image will be strengthened.

Find new ideas…

* How images, stereotypes and prejudice function. Where do they come from and how to influence them in a positive way.
* How to plan an image-building campaign
* Common campaign tactics, such as: public actions & events, lobbying & advocacy, media & image-building
* Inspiration for your campaign from the business world: branding & corporate identity, advertising
* How to involve the young people from your organisation in your image-building campaign

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