New Tool from Salto – In Focus On Media

A new tool has been published in SALTO’s Toolbox.
Date: 2012-04-03

Title: In Focus on Media
Tool types: Exercise
Tool topics: Anti-Racism, Conflict Management, Gender issues, Intercultural Learning

Through the discussion and sharing experiences participants increase their understanding of media and media realities.

Aims of the tool
Main aim of the exercise is to develop participant’s knowledge of media and basic media terms and increase their ability of critical thinking and understanding of different media realities. It helps to understand how media messages are created, what the media values are and how information is spread through different communication channels.

Description of the tool
As the first step the participants are asked to mingle around the working space and share their ideas, knowledge by writing down comments, notes and suggestions on several flipcharts that are spread around the working space.
Each flipchart contains different starting questions or quotes connected with media. The questions written down can be adjusted to knowledge of the participants and their professional backgrounds. Following questions can be written down: What are media? What are the different types of media? What are the negative effects of media? How media can contribute to stereotyping and discrimination? Can media make a war? What are the positive effects of media? How media can contribute to creating common understanding in divided communities? How media construct reality? Why some information becomes news and some newer appears in media? Who is gatekeeper when speaking about media world?
After writing down and sharing their ideas and opinions (the participants can also discuss among each other during the exercise) the participants are divided in several working groups. Each working group receives several flipcharts with the notes that were shared and it is asked to prepare presentation in form of advices for youth worker, leaders coming from non-governmental organization which can be used when working with media, when using various media for example for promoting goals of the organization – volunteerism, when fighting against discrimination, stereotypes etc.

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