Photo award competition extended deadline - Euromed Heritage

The 4th edition of the International Digital Photography Award “Crossing Viewpoints has been extended. The deadline for the reception of pictures and accompanying materials has been postponed to 15th October, 2011 – 01 p.m. Brussels time.

This year’s theme is: “Mediterranean cities as space of socialisation”.

The towns and cities in the Mediterranean are dynamic, living places that bring together different cultures, generations and types of people. Their meeting spaces are many and varied: traditional city spaces like the rooftops of dwellings and the hammams; religious spaces, like mosques, churches or cemeteries; leisure spaces such as sports venues and gardens; commercial spaces like the souks; spaces of passage such as porches, spaces for family celebration like houses’ courtyards, and spaces for religious or cultural celebrations such as public squares, etc. To socialize is to celebrate life, and this act is set in a specific physical space, recreating the intangibility of the event.

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