Press Release – Monday 24thJune 2013: Our White Sea V Seminar in Malta – Celebrating its 10 Year Anniversary

Press Release – Monday 24thJune 2013

The Euro-Med Youth Platform is organising Our White Sea V Seminar in Malta – Celebrating its 10 Year Anniversary

This year the Euro-Med Youth platform will be celebrating its 10 anniversary from its launch in September 2003. The 3rd seminar is being held in Malta, called Our White Sea. It is also celebrating its 5th Year Anniversary, taking place between July 1st and July 5th 2013. The seminar is going to be held in Malta in order to celebrate these two occasions. The Official opening will be held on Tuesday 2nd July by Hon. Dr. S. Buontempo Parliamentary Secretary, Mr. Martin Micallef, Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, and Mr. Robert Debono National coordinator European Union Programmes agency. Among them various distinguished guests are invited such as Ambassadors of the represented countries as well as various consuls.
The focus of this seminar is to bring NGO’s together from the European and Mediterranean regions, in an environment of tolerance and mutual understanding by assisting them in networking, capacity building increasing their participation and exchanging good practice. The seminar is going to be constituted of 50 participants from various countries such as: Egypt, Tunis, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine from the MEDA Countries. Turkey, Germany, Italy, Cyprus, France, United Kingdom, Poland and Malta will be present from programme countries of the European Union.

The title of the meeting originated from the name attributed to the Mediterranean Sea by the Islamic World; Our Middle Sea and by the Romans; Mare Nostrum. The meeting is a unique opportunity to meet colleagues in youth field from programme and MEDA countries, to discover and discuss the challenges of NGOs cooperation with the Euro-Mediterranean framework, to assess 5 years of “Our White Sea” and to celebrate 10 years of Euro-Med Youth Platform.

The main aim of this Platform is to help and support Ngos from the EU, who would like to work with Mediterranean countries. The platform provides for three main aims, which are Capacity building, which is provided through publications, leaflets and on line tools, while, networking is provided mainly through its seminars, publications and Magazines. This is the 3rd seminar going to be held in Malta while the other two were held in Cyprus and Turkey. Support is also given mainly through answering queries from emails, our website, facebook page, research and partner searches.

During Our White Sea, being held in Malta in collaboration with SALTO Euro – Med Resource centre, Turkey, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and the Maltese National Agency all contributed to make this event Possible. The participants are going to share experiences with regards to differences & similarities with regards to the NGO’s present at the seminar. The variety of Countries present will surely be interesting to see the various outcomes with regards to youth work and NGO’s in their country. The participants shall also be discussing the results of the other seminars of Our White Sea, were various topics were discussed such as sustainability, networking, participation of young people and empowerment with NGO’s.

Further information can be found online by visiting and These initiatives are funded with the support of the European Commission (Directorate General Education and Culture). Information on the European Union Programmes Agency can be found at the agency website