Steering Committee December 2004

Report on the 4th Meeting of the Steering Committee

Brussels, 13 th December 2004

Participants: Giovanni Buttigieg, Director; Silvia Mora, DG EAC; Dietrich Rometsch, DG EAC; Rafael Dochao Moreno, DG RELEX; Olaf Gamal Deussen, DG RELEX; Bernard Abrignani, SALTO Euro-Med; Eric Schionneman, European Youth Forum.

• 2nd Targeted Meeting, Budapest, 22-26 October 2004

One important recommendation following a discussion on the report prepared by GB is to cater for participants with different levels of experience. Participants can be divided according to their knowledge for some parts of the programme.

ES highlighted the importance of selecting multipliers and suggested recruitment through national youth councils. Evaluation should concentrate on follow-up.

GB informed that the Platform Secretariat follows up projects born from its meetings.

• Progress Made since the Previous Meeting

An assessment was carried out on actions that had to be taken, decided upon in the previous steering committee meeting. These were all implemented.

• Follow-up, Challenges and Developments Concerning the Future of the Euro-Med Youth Platform

RDM underlined that the Platform should be a tool for future cooperation between youth organisations that are active in Euro-Med Youth.

GB mentioned the increase in activity in the countries targeted by the Platform, and as an indicator demonstrated the increase in the number of organisations from such countries joining the Platform since they started being targeted.

This topic should be discussed in more detail during the next steering committee meeting.

• 3rd Targeted Meeting, Tunisia, 25 February – 1 March 2005

The focus of this meeting, which will be the last in this series, will be on EU countries less active in Euro-Med, namely Denmark, Ireland and Luxembourg. It will involve also youth leaders from Mediterranean partner countries.

Its objectives are:
• Increasing participation from the 3 targeted countries;
• Giving visibility to the Euro-Med Process, especially in the youth sector;
• Facilitating sustainable results, such as permanent networks.

The programme will be designed to allow participants to learn about each other and each other’s organisations as well as about the situation of young people in the respective countries. Different models of cooperation will be presented to stimulate participants to collaborate closer.

European Participants should be multipliers, and those from the Mediterranean should be experienced.

• Visibility Event for the 10th Anniversary of the Barcelona Process in 2005

The idea of organising an event to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Barcelona Process with young people was discussed. One idea is to do it in cooperation with the Anna Lindh Foundation. RDM pointed out that the Foundation is still very new and co-financing could be a problem.

It could be organised in connection with Youth Week 2005.

Ideas for the event:

• A celebration event, with some 100 young people for 4 days during which participants reflect on the achievements of Euro-Med youth cooperation;
• An opportunity to give visibility to results of Euro-Med Youth cooperation, including through the distribution of Euro-Med Awards;
• An occasion to ask young people how they see the future of Euro-Med youth cooperation, resulting in some recommendations.

BA underlined that a certain size is necessary to make the event dynamic, as in the Launching Meeting, and that it would be important to involve the stakeholders of the programme in its organisation.

On the basis of the discussion, GB will prepare a concrete proposal.