Tunisia Meeting

Targeted Meeting 3
25th February – 1st March 2005


The scope of Targeted Meetings is to bring together a group of countries facing a similar situation and try to find common solutions. This one aimed at bringing together young people from European countries least represented in the Euro-Med Youth Programme with their Mediterranean counterparts in an effort to increase their participation.

The Meeting took place in Tunisia between the 25th of February and the 1st of March 2005. It was open to young people from Algeria, Denmark, Egypt, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, and Turkey.

During this Meeting the situation of young people and youth work in the different countries was analysed, participants learnt about each other and about relevant skills, and concrete steps forward have been proposed.


Official Opening / Ouverture officielle
Elle est magnifique et un succès
Good (4)
Can organise better
Lot of speeches
Super bien faite
Needs better organisation
At the beginning told of time-keeping…not much of this in reality
Good good
Needs a lot of organisation because there is a lot of mess without control
Ceremony was short & sweet. Was not expecting the guests so the country tables were not utilised. Could have been better for the organisation
Media Meet / Rencontre Media
It was very efficient and exciting
Apart from them taking the CD’s, it was good
La presse a bien couvert la rencontre
C’était bien fait
Needs to involve everyone
Good (2)
Unfortunately I was not interviewed
I was not interviewed
Introduction of Participants / Introduction des Participants
Elle est un succès
Good (3)
Fine, fine
Good, I like it
People who came late did not have a chance to get introduced to the rest of the participants. It would have been better to give a short welcome or introduction, so that they would get integrated within the rest of the group
Perhaps reintroduce at a later stage quickly for those who missed it
A little more organised. Some of the presentations were too long
Situation of Young People and Presentation of NGOs / Situation des Jeunes et Présentation des ONG
It needed to go more in details. I understand it was short time for each country but we could make it in different sessions. I hope that we can receive materials about each country later on. But in general things went well
Too drawn out. People need to stick to time constraints
Very informative, interesting but some energisers in between would be good
Situation of youth boring – nothing new. NGOs good
Maybe a questionnaire before the meeting is useful to answer to the same questions
Although participants were well prepared, the techniques and way of presentation could have been better, e.g. if it was given as workshop or each 2 countries followed by discussion, not to get bored
Very good
I wish it was in a different way like going together to each stand
Necessary learnt a lot but got long. Presentations need to be more dynamic
Maybe shorter and done with handouts
Visiting each organisation table would be better so as to see the brochures and photos of the organisations and explain more about them
‘Youth Situation’ and ‘Projects’, separate not together
Euro-Med Partnership / Partenariat Euro-Med
Good luck and thanks
Good (6)
Very good, effective
Very good (2)
C’est une reussite, merci
Very impressed by the young governor, he knows his stuff!
Quite interesting to have a youth perspective. I enjoying it
Mid-Term Evaluation / Evaluation Mi-parcours
Very useful
Not good at all
Better to do evaluation of a questionnaire for mid-term and end evaluation
Good bit it needs to be shared in all the groups
No suggestions taken on board
It could be done in a better way!
Fine, just fine
Good to have time for small group discussion
Good to sum up in your head!
Not useful
Too early too evaluate
Did we have it really?
ICL Evening / Soiree Interculturelle
En faire un dîner, pas après dîner
Not everyone participated, which was a pity
Beaucoup de gâteaux reste!!!!
Maybe more organised so everyone can see and know what is going on
Good, good
Very nice! (3)
Very nice but give time for people who went to effort to explain and present – lots of fun!
A lot of fun but I prefer that everybody were invited to each table to get more info
Very good
Very good! Great cultural experiences!
Good but needed better introduction of each country’s food & clothes, so that they would present it and explain it to other participants. That way it would be more productive & more interesting and alive
Euro-Med Youth Programme / Programme Euro-Med Jeunesse
Very interesting
Good but short
Information was very basic. I should have been in other workshop. Silvia knows her stuff but she behaved very nervously
Very nice
Very interesting & informative
Elle était pour moi une lueur d’espoir
Boring, didn’t get the idea
It was a nice presentation
Bonne presentation. Merci (2)
A little bit boring
Training Opportunities / Opportunités des Formations
C’était clair et bien fait. Merci Mark
Good session
Excellent! (2)
Très très bien. Merci
OK, no translation machine, was a drawback
Workshop Action1 / Atelier Action 1
C’etait bien, il y avait des projections de projets faits
Very good and informative! Loved it! Very inspiring!
Workshop Action 2 / Atelier Action 2
Very interesting and informative. Thanks Maali
Haven’t seen it!
Very informative. Super
Maali was great!
Very informative and super flexible
Workshop Action 5 / Atelier Action 5
Very very good!!!
Went well but maybe a print out would be good
Good (3)
Workshop Other Resources / Atelier Autres Ressources
Good information but boring way
Great info and very concrete and useful
It was boring because it was not animated. It is like a conference (like students and teacher)
Elle est bien réussie
Insufficient information – vague / superficial
Great! (time too short but… concentrated!)
It was OK though it was a continuation of the first session. There was no point in having it. We could just join 2 sessions together (Salto + Resources). Also, having no translation machines made us waste time in having translation, which took twice as much time & disrupted the flow of speech and thought so next time try to provide translation machines
Cultural Exposure / Excursion Culturelle
Good but there was a problem in not having a guide to tell us about this place and why it was chosen
Maybe because of the weather we lost a lot of time without visiting a lot of places
Annoying that we were not allowed anywhere on our own but still did not learn anything about the town. Should have gone to Sidi Bou Said, so beautiful!
It was raining. We would have gone to Sidi Bou Said, where it is better
If staying in the town / city centre we could have more cultural exposure on a regular basis
Good destination. Bummer about the rain. Dinner was delicious, more than enough food
It was not good. Raining spoilt the day though the restaurant time was nice, but we could have stayed more time to chat and dance in the restaurant rather than going in the rain for a walk, which I did not enjoy
On n’a pas de chance
Very good, but too bad about the weather… but absolutely a necessary part of the meeting!
It was fun and I liked my company
Should have been more exposed as in a more crowded and Tunisian place. It was nice though
Very good, cultural
Too much rain
It was a pity that it was raining but it was exciting. So thanks to the organiser ‘you did your best’ and I loved very much the stones of the city. It is a strong emotion for me
Euro-Med Youth Platform / Plateforme Euro-Med Jeunesse
Vous êtes le big boss
Well informed
Just great !
Short & sweet, I love it!
Short, straight forward though I think it should be at the beginning of program
Très important
Well done!
Nice, effective
Very good, thanks!
A little bit hard at the morning and cool at night
C’est de la perfection
Informative, Good
Euro-Med Youth Trade Union Network / Réseaux Euro-Med Pour les Jeunes Syndicalistes
Very good and informative (2)
Very good
Very important and useful meeting
Very interesting
Effective and clear
Very interesting and different from the rest of the talks
New topic for me, good information & well presented
Did not find it so interesting
Good but I could not follow everything. It was too fast for me
You should speak more directly with people to involve them
Regional Cooperation / Cooperation Régionale
Beaucoup d’information pour peu de temps
New information, helpful resources to review after the seminar’s conclusion
Ça va
Very informative resources to be presented and discovered new things
Great but too much information in short time, but very helpful
Done by very creative way and it was interesting
Merci Pablo, le message reçu
Too fast – hard to follow at times
Creating Projects / Création de Projets
Not enough time to come out with concrete results, we need 3X the time
Excellent discussion but time was not enough!
Very well, efficient, but lack of time!
Need more time (3)
More structure & time needed; maybe less time at introduction of our organisations / countries
Needed more time and better planning!
Perhaps a different format? Not sure what though
It was a bad joke, sorry
More organised and more time
Need to be more organised
More time
People need to stop going in circles
No ideas or benefit
What about the ‘after meeting’?
Très bien
Lack of time
More time, that’s why I came
Not enough time, and I think it should be better in the 2nd day, not in the last one (projects could grown in the breaks)
My sessions went well; seemed others could have used assistance in facilitations. More time could have been utilised
Should have been in the form of a questionnaire
Should have been with vote agree / disagree
Liked it so much, expressful!
Good system!
J’aurais aimé qu’elle soit directe (verbalement)
‘Voting with your feet’ is a more fun way to evaluate and then people have to make up their mind
Using a scale system for evaluation (1-5) is a very good system
Good but not enough
Have a questionnaire with specific questions and a rating system
Also mid-term should be noted
Very enjoyable. Pity the room smelt so bad!!
Can we have the results of this evaluation?
Very good
Very good system
Different way but it has to be discussed!
Another system: tick and cross
More time Please
Favourite Session and Why ? / Activité Préférée et Pourquoi?
Presentations of organisations
Cory’s session
Euro-Med Platform (2)
Workshops very informative and useful!!!!
Mark and the introducing
NGO fair because it is open
Euro-Med Platform made everything much cleaner
Salto (3)
L’accueil, avec présentation et organisation
Too short time!
Presentation of the different organisations and questions followed: interesting and informative +++
Euro-Med platform, Salto, Workshops (good idea to include participants to deal within workshops)
Salto, workshops and presentation of countries
Project creation
Project creating because ‘actions speak louder than words’
Workshops – good idea to involve the participants to deal with the workshops
Any session did not fulfill your expectations? Why? / Y a t-il une activité qui n’a pas répondu à vos attentes? Pourquoi?
Creating future projects (4)
Project presentation, future projects (4)
Future projects although the 2 groups I was in were good. I noticed other groups not reaching any decisions
Too little time for creating projects
Excursion (2)
Future projects and today’s talks, EYF for e.g. and trade unions
Workshops, resources (expected more details plus more information)
Creating projects, it needs more time
Creating future projects, too short time so it was not fruitful
Euro-Med presentation ‘Silvia’, not efficient and nor sufficient at all
Was there a link between the sessions? / Y a t-il des liens entre les activités?
More of the information and background at the beginning, e.g. Silvia
It was OK but need more links
Oui, c’était chronologique
Ca marche
Yes (3)
There was a good continuity and relevance to all the sessions
Yes, well done
Recommendations for future Platform Meetings / Recommandations pour les rencontres futures de la Plateforme
2 star hotel is OK for me
More workshops (not only informative sessions)
Less lecture, more workshop (2)
More days
More time for workshops
More workshops
More time on project development
Locate in town / city centre
Time keeping a priority
More cultural exposure
More organisation of events
Evaluation done by each person filling in a form / questionnaire
More open for discussing and exchange of ideas and experiences
Plus de données aux participants avant la rencontre afin que leur présence soit active et plus bénéfique
Smaller groups for workshops
Stick to time limits
Open the windows
Remind us to bring adapters next time!
Give more space to open a discussion
More energisers
To use other techniques rather than sessions which were somehow boring
Concentrate more on the theme we came for
More days and more workshops
More interactivity
Group dynamics
Ever heard of energisers? Use them
Implement political themes that are actual

Other Comments / Autres Commentaires
Demi-journée en plus pour l’élaboration de projets (une fois que nous sommes la et motives). Cela serait moins cher qu’un nouveau projet de rencontre
Hôtel au centre ville
Can be more dynamic seminar
To have official openings etc, once all people arrive. Maybe have arrival day and official opening the following day
Need more energisers
Presentations need to be more dynamic = loss falling asleep
Great hotel / infrastructure, translation, etc…
Location of the hotel
Time planning
Great rooms, great food, gentle people
Great hotel
More energisers & put a fresh touch when everybody is tired and move a bit
More info before the platform
Great backgrounds of each participant
Happy to be in Tunisia, really lot of food, interesting sessions, thank you all

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