When is a tool a good tool?

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We would like to ask you the elements a tool should have for you to be useful for young organisation and what would be the areas you would need a tool in

Remember that:

An educational tool could be defined as an instrument to transfer and implement educational objectives into a practice, which engages participants in the learning process.
An educational tool should “stay on its own”. This means that it should shape a, might be short, but complete learning process with its theme, techniques, target group, materials, timing, evaluation, tips for use… It can be a simulation exercise, a creative workshop, a role play, an outdoor activity etc… A tool “staying on its own” does not mean that it should be something fixed or closed. When using it in another context it should be adapted, further developed, combined… Transferability is indeed one of the inherent characteristics and ultimate aim of any educational tool.

Experience tells us that punctual activities like a video, a booklet, a facilitation or a discussion technique are normally part of a tool and just in some cases a tool, an educational process with its own “personality”.

One Comment about “When is a tool a good tool?”
On 09/12/2010 at 12:14, Miryam said:
Thanks a lot for this post,
I totally agree witth you and i think that everything around us can be considered as an educational tool, it will give us more experiences, and even if we commit a mistake it will make us learn from it.