UNITED E-NEWS: 10/05/12: International antiracist Football Tournament 4 to 8 July 2012

UNITED E-NEWS: 10/05/12: International antiracist Football Tournament 4 to 8 July 2012

Registration to the 2012 Antiracist World Cup is now open!

04-08.07.12 “Mondiali Antirazzisti 2012″
International antiracist Football Tournament in Bosco Albergati (I)
organised by: Mondiali Antirazzisti
Annual camp site with sport tournaments and direct involvement of 1000s activists from all over Europe, mixing anti-racist and migrant communities…
Concerts, sport, meeting…
contact: Mondiali Antirazzisti

What?s the Mondiali about?

Knowledge, comparison and exchange are at the heart of all succesful initiatives and projects designed to fight the problems of racism and discrimination. Meeting people and getting to know them better are the starting points for overcoming fear and prejudice, which in the majority of cases give rise to social exclusion.
Meeting people is the cornerstone of the Antiracist World Cup. A coming together of all types of diversity: culture, colour, religion, social groups (ultras), sexual orientation, gender, age, etc. The Antiracist World Cup began life as a simple demonstration and with time has been transformed into a genuine laboratory of ideas. The event has given birth to parallel projects, cooperation between different groups and concrete action that takes place throughout the year.

14 Years of Mondiali AntirazzistiThe starting point was the discovery of common ground between people who had first met at the Antiracist World Cup. The resulting exchange of ideas led to agreement and then encouragement to experiment and find other common ways of fighting discrimination. Every year some 4.000 people representing over 200 teams (male, female and mixed) attend the Mondiali. Participants include groups of Italian ultras, supporters groups from many other European teams, immigrant associations from around the world, antiracism organisations, youth groups, etc.

Participation in the Antiracist World Cup is a commitment to leave aside, in the fight against racism, rivalry between groups or communities and individual aggression, and to live together with “others” for five days.

What?s going on there?

The football tournament itself is non-competitive. Five days of football but also concerts, debates, other cultural and sporting events, spontaneous gatherings and much more. It is impossible to name all the groups of ultras and fan groups from other European countries in only a few lines. Groups that have participated in previous events over the years are joined by other groups participating for the first time. The same is true of the countries represented by immigrant communities: Senegal, Pakistan, Chile, Bengal, Kurdistan, Kosovo and Moldavia. Last year’s event was attended by groups and associations from 20 European countries.

There are two separate areas on the campsite: a “noisy area” for those wishing to party through the night and a “quiet area” for those wishing to sleep. On arrival please go to the reception area, before preparing the tents, to receive the timetable for your matches and to inform us of the person in charge of your team. Those wishing to stay in a hotel, at their own expense, may ask for a list of accredited hotels.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner may be purchased from our restaurant. Bar and restaurant receipts are used exclusively to finance the Mondiali Antirazzisti.
Every year an Antiracist Square is set up. This area is used to display material provided by each group to highlight their efforts in the fight against discrimination and racism. Video cassettes are shown and informal meetings organised. Exhibition stands can be viewed during the day. T-shirts, books international handicrafts and other items will are on sale.
Last but not least, as well as the football tournament there?s a rock, reggae or ska concert on each evening.

For more information please refer to info@mondialiantirazzisti.org

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Registration to the 2012 Antiracist World Cup is now open!

The new website of the Mondiali Antirazzisti is ready!

The website of the Mondiali Antirazzisti changes its graphic and announces the manifesto of this year.

The address is always the same: http://www.mondialiantirazzisti.org

It is still a website in evolution and soon more contents, photos and videos will be added

Meantime the organisers opened the registration to the football tournament, As usual you have to fulfill the registration form online.

Please give yourself some time to fill in ALL sections: you’ll save us time and more work to contact you asking you to provide us with the missing data!

After you submit the registration form please be patient. We receive many requests every day and we can1t answer immediately.

We1ll give definitely priority to mixed and migrant community teams so some of you might have to wait longer to be approved.

Write the description of the team in your own language if you want, but remember that it1s important for us and for the other participants to know who you are.

The other information we ask for (how many you will be, when you will arrive and leave, what kind of materials you1ll bring for the Antiracist Square S) are vital for us to organise everything (camping, restaurants, exhibitions).

Remember that about 15 spots are reserved to teams that need entry visas or particular documents in order to take part, and we often receive the final decision only a few days before the start of the Antiracist World Cup. That1s why we ask certain teams to be available for last minute stand-by!

We wait for you from 4 to 8 July in Bosco Albergati (Modena)

Daniela Conti

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